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InteCat is a domain name registrar founded in Beijing, CN in 2021 and now we have a branch in the UK.

We offering 1,100+ gTLDs and ccTLDs, and backorder. Whether you are a Web Agency, an SME, a Big Corporation, a Reseller or an individual, you can trust us with the management of your domain names.

What We Offer

So Professional

Domain Name

The first step in setting up your online presence is buying your domain name. With our professional level and experience, as well as the backorder service we are good at, we can get the domain name you want to the greatest extent possible.

Domain Name

A good domain name is the beginning of the success of the project, and it is also a source of great benefits. We help website owners maximize the value of their digital assets and identify risks in their domain portfolio to ensure the effectiveness of their plans over time.

Web Hosting &
Network Service

For a website to be functional, it requires to be hosted on the web. We have network service hosting in 10 countries around the world and we’ll accompany you every step of the way with our scalable and secure offers.

About Us

In Code We Trust

In June 2021, we were in a bare room, adorned with cables and odd network equipment, testing and tweaking a studio it will constitute.
It was during those days that a company called 「InterCat」 was born.
Since then, an adventure about Internet has begun, not without some setbacks and inconveniences. For some, it was an impossible dream; for others, ignorance made them say "this brand will to fail", but we succeeded!
As in any story, it's hard to determine where we start, the good news is that we have achieved many proud achievements. We provide the largest selection of top-level domains found anywhere, including international domain registration, new domain launches, and competitive renewals and transfers.
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Our Mission

Dream Come True

InterCat helps people and businesses worldwide establish, grow, and protect their business in the digital age with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. We are committed to providing the best domain registration experience through low pricing, best selection, and fantastic service and support.
Supporting your business is what we do. Everything you need to build, host, manage, and secure your business in the digital age is all in one place at InterCat.

Our Values


When we find a service we know will benefit our clients, we do whatever it takes to bring them on board.
We are proud to partner with Google, Cloudflare and many more to come.

Integrity and Ethic

In addition to professionalism, our principles are honesty and always follow ethical values. This is the most solid foundation for our success and the goal we continue to achieve.


All decisions and processes stem from the needs, ideas and pleasures of customers, so we always try to understand these as the direction of our better development.


We respect the needs of customers impartially and always provide them with our most professional services.


We clearly understand that if we lose the ability to innovate the Internet, we can only be forced to do projects we don't like. This is unacceptable, so we never stop.


It can be said that maintaining enthusiasm is the biggest motivation for us to persevere. It is an honor that we have been maintaining it, and it will not be dimmed.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a domain name?
In a few words, it is your digital business card. It includes a name (InterCat) and an extension (.com or .blog for example). This combo is what companies such as InterCat sell to end consumers. You can then use it as you wish: by creating a website or a personalised email address, for example.
How to choose a domain name?
Choosing a domain name correctly is first of all about making sure you have the opportunity to do so! It can be your name, your company name, your project name, and all the words you like. The Internet is a free world, and you can customize the domain name you want at will (provided that it meets the relevant regulations).
How to ensure the security of domain names?
As a user, we strongly recommend that you turn on domain name locking and prohibit transmission. Of course, this is far from enough. You also need to protect the security of your account, such as turning on two-step verification and IP restricted login.
Need a website?
Having found your domain name is good! But to make it work, you will need to add hosting. Imagine that you want to associate a website with your domain name. In order to store your content, files and technical information that make up your site, you will need a storage space connected to the internet. This storage space is your hosting. You can use InterCat or other network hosting services.
How to join InterCat?
You will be able to flourish in a caring company with strong values, putting people and teamwork first. Our objective is to evolve and grow together. Joining InterCat means entering a world without borders, at the heart of the Internet, where having innovative ideas and seeking customer satisfaction are second nature. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending your CV and portfolio to email.